A new blog is born

Welcome, everyone! This post is my first and brand new blog, and I hope that in this space, you might find useful content where you can learn, enjoy, and expand your knowledge.

This blog is a democratic space where I hope to not only speak but listen and grow together. Feel free to use, copy, and spread any content that I will present on this blog.

The only thing that I ask is that you reference the content creator, after all, someone (in this case me) spent time on it researching, testing, and writing. And finally, the most important: be respectful.

The Beginning

A short story about me, I decided to pursue a technology career when I was 16 years old, and I didn’t have any idea of what was to come at that time. I was not any kind of genius, and so far, there is no extraordinary story about building any new programming language or social network. On the opposite, I screwed my dad’s computer a few times, and he spent good money fixing it.

However, things started changing when in 2004, when I got into the Computer Science course at ICMC-USP college in Brazil. At that time, I was not sure that computers were the right choice for me since I was struggling with the disciplines of the course. The algorithms and data structure was rocket science, and I thought I was never going to make it. Plus, I was starting to think that Computer Science would never give me money (not that I’m rich nowadays), and I was going to live miserable forever.

To resume the story, things started to change when I got a summer job in an office where I began to develop some small programs to automate stuff and believe me, and I was receiving money for it! Suddenly, all started to make sense, and all the disciplines that I once ignored, they began to feel useful somehow.


A lot of years went through, and since then, I specialized in data, more precisely into databases becoming a database administrator—this whole universe of bits and bytes where companies try to extract information and make value from it.

This blog is where our journey comes crossed. After growing and making the idea more mature, this blog is the final result.

Pack your things, grab your cup of coffee and join me into this Fellowship. I hope that together we might help each other on this journey of significant challenges to come!


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