Here you will find high-quality content over the most diverse topics of MySQL and MongoDB databases. The most common issues that everyone faces, workarounds, bugs, war stories, and much more! Is there something that you would like to see and is not here? Reach me out so I can work on it!

Hi! I'm Vinicius Grippa.
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Vinicius Grippa is a Percona Senior Support Engineer. Vinicius has a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and has been working with databases for 10 years. He has experience in designing databases for mission-critical applications and in the last few years has become a specialist in MySQL and MongoDB ecosystems. Currently working for Percona in the Support team, it has assisted customers in hundreds of different cases featuring a very wide range of scenarios and complexities. Vinicius is also active in the OS community, participating in virtual rooms like Slack, and speaking at conferences, and MeetUps in Europe, North and South America.

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